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Monday, May 11, 2009

Yaaaaayy, they're here!!

Today I picked up from my Washington mailbox my new Vibram Fivefingers.  I got them off ebay so I was hoping the size was right.  They measure a little different than normal shoes.  You have to stand against a wall and stand on a ruler measuring the distance from the wall to the end of your longest toe.  It wasn't my first choice of colour but for $50 U.S. with free shipping ($80 + tax up there) I couldn't really be too picky.  

I wore them around the house for a couple hours then walked to school to get the kids.  Some of the other kids there laughed at them thinking they looked pretty weird but I knew they were actually jealous.  They'll be wearing them in a few weeks, you watch.  Anyways, I thought they might be a bit tight in the toes but they seem good.  I even ran a little bit and they felt okay.  The plan is to walk in them for a while then try some light trail or grass running.  


garobbins said...

You know you're affecting your kids social circles for life right now don't you!! :)

I'm liking the whole idea you have going on here and the article was very interesting as well. I actually contacted FF via NSA to possibly stock some but they seem to be ignoring us for some reason? Keep updating as to how they're working for you?


Scott said...

Those are awesome...the exact same ones the Keebler Elves wear while making cookies in the tree.
Great job at Miwok, hope you had fun.
Did you actually say "Yaaaaayy"? I think there may be multiple issues affecting the kids social circles.
Stay well and keep safe, I might be down in a couple of weeks, I'll give you a shout.