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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Week

Last week was my second biggest mileage week ever.  Unlike last August when I did 95 miles over only three runs - 41, 35, and 19 - I spread it out a bit more and did shorter ones.  I never usually post my weeks but thought this one was cool as it was more well-rounded than others in the past, and I felt great!

Mon - run 4:05, 31 mi
Tues - run :30, 4 mi barefoot on beach
Wed - bike to work :35, 18km
            bike home :35, 18km
Thurs - run to work 1:22, 10.5 mi
              run home 1:17, 10.5 mi
Fri - run :35, 4 mi barefoot on beach
         bike to work :35, 18km
Sat - run home from work 1:17, 10.5 mi
         run to work 1:17, 10.5 mi (tough one)
Sun - bike home :35, 18km

Total:  running - 10:15, 81mi
             biking - 2:20, 72km

I feel surprisingly well after a "big" mileage week (for me).  This one coming up is hoping to hit 95 - 100 miles if all goes well.  Then three weeks of taper and all should be well (in theory).

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