If the miles behind me could be put into words before you, you would feel my efforts, my struggles, my desires. Most of all you would see my joy. Watch me from afar run the trails and hills and miles upon miles and you will see ...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Speed work revelation

So for my marathon training program usually once a week I have to do a "pace" run where I run at my planned marathon pace which is 6:04 per mile. About four weeks ago I started the first one with three miles which turned out to be extremely tough having not done any real speedwork in as long as I can remember. I think for Haney to Harrison last November I did some semi-intervals where I ran :05 x 5 at about a 6:30 pace. Here I was having to run 18 minutes straight at 6:04!! Well at the halfway mark where I turn around I literally had to stop for about a minute to catch my breath I felt so bad. That was running around the neighbourhood where it seems pretty flat when driving or riding the bike but there is actually quite a few elevation changes that are gradual - nothing but a few percent of grade but enough that your breathing changes and you can feel your exertion rising. This sucked so bad I wanted to find a dead flat road and maybe that would boost my confidence somewhat.
In the weeks in between I've been doing tempo runs which is helping the speed but mostly these are done on the treadmill because it's easier to control the changes in speed for short durations. I found that along 40th ave between King George and 184th is the flattest road around through farmland. I did two 6 mile pace runs and found them as hard or harder than the ones around the hood with the slight rises and I think I know why: it could be a mental thing that all you see in front of you is straight road and the finish miles in the distance. A lesser reason could be that there's usually a wind blowing some direction because it's very open along there. The biggest reason I now believe is that the elevation changes make different muscles work and I know the roads around the house so well. Having the knowledge of the roads makes it easier when I go up a rise and the pace slows, I know that I will be able to go down the other side and make up the time with less effort and it all evens out. All the corners as well keeps my mind more occupied than a straight flat road. Last Saturday was a 7 mile run that ended with a 6:00 per mile average and I actually felt pretty good about the whole ordeal. I remember years ago doing the longest pace runs, 10 miles, and finishing tired thinking how I was EVER going to do 26.2 miles at that pace. I chalked it up to not being fully rested or tapered because the marathon itself didn't get that hard until about 22 miles. Anyways, bottom line is that a rolling course seems to work better for me all around and besides, the marathon course ain't all that flat and the changes in elevation do me good.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Another ECG

And although I told them of my last one where my heart rate was 36, this time it was 39 (must be getting old) and they still had to fax it to the cardiologist to make sure I wasn't going to drop dead on the spot.

TdMB update

I think last year the Tour de Mont Blanc did not sell out so everyone who entered was in. This year, however, they were over-enrolled by 150% meaning there was to be a lottery to determine the entrants. Fortunately I was chosen to participate. Even more fortunately my friend Ian Mayhew, British ultra legend, had his name drawn as well so I'll have someone to chase through three countries. Also, Jenn Dick, team member from the World 100k events, has entered the CCC [Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix] event of 98km so it will be a nice reunion of sorts. Disappointed somewhat I won't be at Ironman which is on the same weekend but that's the way it goes. That pretty much rounds out my schedule for the year. Not feeling overly confident I'll hit my marathon goal still but at the very least it will make me somewhat faster for the last 10km of Chuckanut and give me some strength for the end of Comrades. The only race I'm not sure about is Stormy. I've wanted to do either the 50 or 100mile for years now but it seems there's always been an event or circumstance that disrupts me from doing it. It might be a little much to do a 50 mile trail event three weeks before a 100 mile run but if I do decide to include it, it will be a very slow training run. Honest.