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Friday, February 5, 2010

TdMB update

I think last year the Tour de Mont Blanc did not sell out so everyone who entered was in. This year, however, they were over-enrolled by 150% meaning there was to be a lottery to determine the entrants. Fortunately I was chosen to participate. Even more fortunately my friend Ian Mayhew, British ultra legend, had his name drawn as well so I'll have someone to chase through three countries. Also, Jenn Dick, team member from the World 100k events, has entered the CCC [Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix] event of 98km so it will be a nice reunion of sorts. Disappointed somewhat I won't be at Ironman which is on the same weekend but that's the way it goes. That pretty much rounds out my schedule for the year. Not feeling overly confident I'll hit my marathon goal still but at the very least it will make me somewhat faster for the last 10km of Chuckanut and give me some strength for the end of Comrades. The only race I'm not sure about is Stormy. I've wanted to do either the 50 or 100mile for years now but it seems there's always been an event or circumstance that disrupts me from doing it. It might be a little much to do a 50 mile trail event three weeks before a 100 mile run but if I do decide to include it, it will be a very slow training run. Honest.

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