If the miles behind me could be put into words before you, you would feel my efforts, my struggles, my desires. Most of all you would see my joy. Watch me from afar run the trails and hills and miles upon miles and you will see ...

Friday, January 23, 2009


The last week has been the most exercise-filled one I've had since November of last year. November 8 to be exact. Sure I've done a bit of swimming and biking to work here and there but no running because I wasn't sure the right foot would be happy or not. Frankly I was just scared that it would start to hurt again and really didn't want to go through another few weeks or more without running so I let the work in the bathroom take over (it's pretty much done, thank you very much, a few weeks longer than I wanted) and tried not to think about it. With the reno mostly done, I figured it was time to test it out.
Last Friday I did a 90 minute ride. Saturday was the first run - 60 minutes, 6.85 miles on dead flat road while Elias was at hockey practice. Sunday I did a roundabout ride to the rink to watch his game, about 90 minutes again, and was extremely happy that my foot felt pretty good from the day before. Monday was a 60 minute run through Crescent Park. Some light hills but nice soft terrain. Foot again felt good later in the day and the following one. Tuesday was 60 minutes on the stationary bike at work. Wednesday was 60 minutes on the treadmill then 30 minutes on the stationary bike later on. Thursday I did 60 minutes on the eliptical trainer at the gym. Friday was the longest bike in I don't even know how long, 68 km, 2.5 hours.
It was a week that I wanted to kick-start my cardio system again and I think it's been done. The foot feels good for now. I'm not wanting to push it so I will be taking it easy for the next month or so to make sure nothing else breaks down. With help from my massage therapist, Holly the Magnificent, the back is also feeling less sore and isn't as noticeable anymore but it's still there. Crossing my fingers.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Race Season, '09 edition

So after much thought I figured I'd sign up for the Chuckanut 50km again. Hopefully my foot will be feeling better and I actually get some miles in before the race. As I'm gearing up for a mostly road year again, my trail skills will definitely be lacking. I haven't done a whole lot in two months so it may just be a long day.
I'm still not decided on whether to do the Zane Grey 50 mile in April. Because it's supposedly really technical and hilly I'm not sure if it's the best idea to spend time training for it when that terrain is not my main focus. I may sign up for the Diez Vista 50km which is around the same time but no travelling and is doable on road training although it's very tough, too.
Of course those two in April will be out the window if my name gets drawn in the lottery for the Miwok 100km on May 2nd in San Francisco. This was the race I had to cancel last year because of shin splints. I've heard so many great things about it I'd love to give it a go. Plus it's more conducive to road training because it's not a technical trail but has 10,000 feet of elevation.
June is the main focus with the World 100km Championships in Belgium. I really want to focus on speed this year for this race. In the past the World's has always been a secondary race for me whether it's after an Ironman or in between other races which didn't leave me 100% prepared. Or I was coming off an injury and didn't feel fully trained. This year I hope things are different. I'll be revealing goal times when we get closer.
The summer will see the World Police/Fire Games come to Vancouver and for fun I'm entering some events. Not like I'll be ready for any of them but it'll be fun. I'm going to do the Grouse Grind, Seymour Hill Climb (cycling), half-marathon, and I was entered in the triathlon but I was called the other day by an airport firefighter, Steve Knowles, who asked if I'd be part of his relay team and do the bike for the tri. I'm leaning more and more towards it as it would save me some time by not having to practice my open water swimming or my bike to run workouts. I think I'll do that instead.
September in England is the Commonwealth 100km Championships. Not to be confused with the Commonwealth Games, this is just a race between Commonwealth countries. Can I say Commonwealth one more time? Commonwealth. Anyways, I thought this would be a cool thing to do and, having never been to England, would be a fun trip, hoping to visit with Ian again.
As a finish to the year I may again do the H2H with a possible twist at the end - I may turn it into an H2H2H where I return to Haney and the start line, 200km total. That depends alot on my crew (Carrie) and whether they (she) will want to be driving and supporting me for around 20 hours. Have to see how the body holds out this year. Things are always subject to change.
In 2010 I turn 40 so after all the "craziness", I have to think up something to do to celebrate that milestone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yet Another Setback (PG-13)

For all those who are sqeamish with viewing others' body areas or with young kids viewing or who are just tired of looking at my anatomy, don't look at the picture at the "bottom" of this entry.
Things were possibly starting to look up in that I did a 30 minute treadmill run last Sunday and didn't have any foot pain that I'd had before. Even the next day it felt pretty good. Sunday night, however, I did a little stupid that has set me back again for a few weeks. I guess I'd be more choked if the weather was better for running and riding and if I wasn't engrossed in doing the bathroom (yes, still the bathroom, Christmas has a habit of getting in the way of my renos). All things considered it couldn't have happened at a better time.
Long story short - I fell from a height of about six feet onto my stair railing on my lower back, then landed on the stairs, butt first. Initially I thought I heard a crack and thought some ribs might have gone. Once I could stand I knew something was up as every time I brought my right leg forward to walk there was a stabbing pain in my lower back, and I mean stabbing. I iced it for about an hour and it felt good sitting in a chair but once I got up it was a repeat of said stabbing pain. I figured I should go to emerg in case I was peeing blood or any other internal injuries like kidneys or something.
Long story even longer it took ten minutes to get out of the car, pay for parking, and get into the hospital doors because I could barely move and was terrified of slipping on ice.
Anyways, after x-rays, negative results with the urine tests, and 4 and a half hours waiting (now 2:30 a.m.) it took the doc ten minutes to tell me I had a soft tissue injury that should be better in a few days. I was sent home with tylenol with codeine and a prescription for more T3s. What fun. Every day I kept thinking I was getting better but then a couple days ago I would be walking and suddenly a searing, burning pain would halt me in my tracks eliciting a string of expletives from my mouth. I've been checking daily and the source of that burning pain is eminating from an area south of the border easily identified in the picture below:

In spite of everything I signed up for two races today. More on that tomorrow. Oh, and Happy New Year to everybody now let's get rid of this snow and do some training!!