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Friday, January 23, 2009


The last week has been the most exercise-filled one I've had since November of last year. November 8 to be exact. Sure I've done a bit of swimming and biking to work here and there but no running because I wasn't sure the right foot would be happy or not. Frankly I was just scared that it would start to hurt again and really didn't want to go through another few weeks or more without running so I let the work in the bathroom take over (it's pretty much done, thank you very much, a few weeks longer than I wanted) and tried not to think about it. With the reno mostly done, I figured it was time to test it out.
Last Friday I did a 90 minute ride. Saturday was the first run - 60 minutes, 6.85 miles on dead flat road while Elias was at hockey practice. Sunday I did a roundabout ride to the rink to watch his game, about 90 minutes again, and was extremely happy that my foot felt pretty good from the day before. Monday was a 60 minute run through Crescent Park. Some light hills but nice soft terrain. Foot again felt good later in the day and the following one. Tuesday was 60 minutes on the stationary bike at work. Wednesday was 60 minutes on the treadmill then 30 minutes on the stationary bike later on. Thursday I did 60 minutes on the eliptical trainer at the gym. Friday was the longest bike in I don't even know how long, 68 km, 2.5 hours.
It was a week that I wanted to kick-start my cardio system again and I think it's been done. The foot feels good for now. I'm not wanting to push it so I will be taking it easy for the next month or so to make sure nothing else breaks down. With help from my massage therapist, Holly the Magnificent, the back is also feeling less sore and isn't as noticeable anymore but it's still there. Crossing my fingers.


Anonymous said...

How about some photos of the finished bathroom? After all, you have shared photos from other events in your life which have cause a lot of physical pain. Heh heh

Gary Robbins said...

Right on man, glad to have ya back on board again!
Here's to a pain free race season...well, unwarranted and detrimental pain at least!