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Monday, September 1, 2008

Ultraman '08

Ultraman Canada

The race is now officially over as of 7pm Monday night. The results take a bit of time but here are the write-ups for the first two days:

2008 UMC Re-cap

Monday, September 1, 2008
Summerland, BC

Sunday, August 31, 2008
Princeton, BC
Ultraman Canada Day 2 Race Report

The 273.4Km bike ride that awaited the athletes on the Day 2 stage of Ultraman Canada provided the most brutal conditions ever seen in this event. The 12 individuals and 4 relay team members faced approximately 170Km of strong head winds, rain, hail and cold temperatures. Simmon Hoffstetter of Team Pulse lead the day with a relay record Day 2 bike time of 8:52:16 to retain their hold on first place in the relay division. He was followed by Cutris Flock of Team Law & Disorder with a time of 9:06:56.

The first men’s individual finisher of the day was Florian Kraft of Germany with a time 9:19:55 retaining his hold on first place with a total time of 16:39:51. Penticton’s Sheena Miller was the first female finisher of the day with a bike time of 11:11:12 moving her into first place overall in the women’s division with a total time of 20:48:48.

As noted by athletes, crew and race officials, the weather provided for slower times and closer competition as everyone had to struggle against the same factors. The conditions caused 2 athletes to withdraw due to physical ailments. Day 3 will conclude Ultraman Canada with an 84km run from Princeton to Memorial Park in Summerland. The first finishers are expected to arrive after 2pm.

Saturday, August 30, 2008
Penticton, BC

The first day of Ultraman Canada gave the athletes an understanding of why this event is called ULTRAman. Cold water temperatures greeted the 12 individual athletes and 4 relay team members as they embarked on the 10K swim at Skaha Lake. Quickly, the wind picked up making for some serious chop on the water. Florian Kraft of Germany and Sabrina Taylor of Surrey, BC were able to power through these conditions and set new men’s swim record (2:35:45) and relay swim record (2:37:29) respectively. Beatrice Van Horne of Reston, Virginia was the first solo female out of the water in a time of 3:21:15. Penticton’s own Sheena Miller was the second female out in a time of 3:48:52.

Taylor’s Team Pulse was able to battle with Kraft on the bike in brutal headwind conditions and very cool temperatures. Simmon Hoffstetter, Team Pulse’s cyclist, was able to pass Kraft to be the first bike across the line giving Team Pulse a total time of 7:18:24, a new relay team record for Day 1. Kraft came in just over a minute behind in a total time of 7:19:56 setting a new men’s record for Day 1. Van Horne kept her lead in the women’s division by posting a 5:58:09 bike split for a total time of 9:19:18. The fastest bike split of the day was posted by Calgary’s Curtis Flock at 4:36:17.

The swim saw one athlete drop from the event due to equipment failure. He was able to continue and complete the 145.3km bike ride. All athletes will continue the Ultraman adventure on Day 2 (Sunday) which consists of a 273.5K bike from Penticton to Princeton. On Monday, the athletes will tackle the final day of competition with a 84k run from Princeton to Summerland.

For Mr. Kraft to beat my overall race record he'll have to have run about a 6:20 for 84km. Impossible? No. The weather looked like it was going to be good for running but the crappy wind may have tired a lot of athletes out on Day 2. Here's hoping that all the competitors could finish before the twelve hour cut-off.

Day 3 should be up later tonight or tomorrow at Ultraman Canada
I'll put the recap here as well.

This race is in my top three of any I've ever done and always recommend anyone who wants to challange themselves like never before to give this one a shot. It has none of the pressure or hype of an Ironman race which makes it much more fun for everyone. It's a three-day party!! Okay, maybe not quite a party.

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