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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Public Speaking

The week that school started the principal of the kids' school asked, because she read the article about me in the paper, if I would do a little talk at the first assembly about Spartathlon and show the kids on a map where I'd be running. She asked if Thursday work for me at 10:30 but I had a dentist appointment at 10. Too bad. Then she says would 11:30 work? I guess that would be good, I said. Okay, we'll move the assembly to that time. Great, I thought, not being the most comfortable person in front of large crowds even though I've done my share of teaching smaller groups throughout the years.
Anyways, last Thursday I stood in front of them and told them the history of the race, and comparing it to running to the Abbotsford Airshow and back three times or from the school to Merritt. That kind of hit home as to the distance I'd be running (to me also!!). I finished by saying that this race was not one to be done by oneself, that every runner needed support not only from crew at the race but from friends and family at home. Also if on the 26th they could think of me running and send me good thoughts I would love it.
What blew me away was at the end two kids from each of the thirteen divisions came up to the front with the little creations that they had made for me to take to Greece. They had taken and cut out a drawing of a runner and coloured it with some having little messages in them for me. I'm supposed to take these and have them with me as support while I'm running. Not sure where I'll put them but they're coming for sure.


Gary Robbins said...

Dude, that is so awesome! As if you needed any more motivation to finish this thing...having those running cut outs with you from those kids is truly something special. I'll be thinking of you on the 26th for sure Darin, best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Good luck Darin