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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012, The Year of Training By Racing

The new year is here and I'm going into it with another lengthy list of races, reminiscent of '08 when I raced way too much and ended up with a few injuries. I'm doing it a little different this year however. But first, the list:

FEBRUARY - Ft. Langley Half marathon - signed up

- Trying to see if an early season speed race helps get me better prepared for a faster 100k (April). I had planned on trying for a PR of 1:15 but with the course being pretty tough, hill-wise, and me getting over the latest cough/cold that kept me from running for a week and a half, I've down-graded my expectations to a sub-1:20. A 1:19 equates to a 6:00 min/mi pace which I think I can sustain for the 13.1 miles. I've done the speed-work involved in achieving a 1:15 but when it comes to pace runs of up to 5 miles, I have a hard time maintaining the 5:45 necessary for a 1:15.

MARCH - Dirty Duo 25k (50k?) - NOT signed up

- Always a good first trail race of the year, just not sure whether to do the 25 or 50k yet. I'm pretty sure I won't be in 50k shape by then.

APRIL - World 100k, Italy - On the team

- Why not? Representing Canada has always been a highlight of my racing year

MAY - Vancouver Marathon - NOT signed up

- Still not sure a road marathon two weeks after a road 100k is a smart thing for me but as it's on the new marathon I'm curious to see what it's like. If I had a mediocre run it would give me something to improve on in the future. Also not sure if dropping $100 on a marathon just to run it and not race it is worthwhile.

MAY - Lost Lake 50k - NOT signed up

- I've looked at this one for a couple years now. It's run around Chuckanut Mountain so I'm familiar with the terrain. Harder than the Chuckanut 50k

JUNE - San Diego 100 miler - signed up

- Friend Bruce Grant recommended this race in the past and it intrigued me to do it. Plus it's a good time of the year as I should have a decent base by then.

JULY - Sinister 7, 145km, Alberta - signed up

- I've talked to a few people over the years and this one is supposed to be a good one. On the day of registration you could actually watch the thing fill up. 350 solos in about two hours. Crazy. It'll be done in conjunction with a trip afterwards to Drumheller and the dinosaur museum for the kids.

AUGUST - Canadian Death Race, 125km, Alberta - signed up

- Doing it again because I'm in love with suffering. That's what I remember about this race. Another "in conjunction" race where we'll go visit friends in Canmore afterwards.

AUGUST - Cascade Crest 100 miler, WA - signed up for lottery, drawn Feb. 11

- Always heard this was a good one but usually had another race to do or was bad timing or didn't want to train throughout the summer.

SEPTEMBER - Plain 100 mile - NOT signed up

- Have wanted to do this for a couple years but for the Cascade Crest reasons I never did it. I love the thought of this being such a low-key event with no aid stations or trail markings or prizes or anything.

SEPTEMBER - Frosty 50k - NOT signed up

- As I got off course to the tune of :30 last year I can't help but improve on my time


SEPTEMBER - Steve King 100km - NOT signed up

- How could you not want to be part of an event that the great Steve King has put his name on?? It goes from Princeton to Summerland which is part of the Ultraman route.

SEPTEMBER - Surrey Marathon - NOT signed up

- No, not Surrey, England, but good ole, down in the 'hood, Surrey, BC. Just because. Hopefully my gun license is approved by then so I can have some protection while running.

OCTOBER - Baker Lake 50k - NOT signed up

- One of my first trail races ever and even after four times doing it, still one of my favourites.

So there you have it. At least 1,100kms of racing, only signed up for 551 so far, with another 160 hopefully by next weekend. All the other ones I want to do are simply a matter of dropping down the cash, no lotteries. I should be over 1000 anyways providing I don't wreck myself in the meantime.

What I plan to do this year for some races is make it about the journey, not just the race. Hopefully by doing this I'll stay healthy and won't be too concerned about the standings. Just do them to do them and be thankful I'm able.

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