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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend of Running

After a great, relaxing weekend away, and an awesome run through the sunny trails, in Fairhaven, WA, at the foot of Chuckanut Mountain, I'm recharged in my running mind and am ready to start the hard work for the season ahead. I found out on Saturday that I got into the Cascade Crest 100 miler, through a lottery process, at the end of August. Sunday night I registered for the Lost Lake 50km through the trails of Chuckanut but with only 150 people allowed, not the 1000 that the Chuckanut 50km potentially can have. It only cost $40 for Lost Lake so why not? Even if I decide not to do it I can't lose.
So the big races of the year are paid for:

April 22 - World 100k
May 12 - Lost Lake 50k
June 9 - San Diego 100mi
July 7 - Sinister 7 145k
August 4 - Death Race 125k
August 25 - Cascade Crest 100mi

Everything else is just sprinkled in if I'm feeling good and motivated to do more. It's only 740km, however, so I have to find another 260km to make my 1000km goal this year.

I emailed the Vancouver Marathon about obtaining a spot on the elite team (not that I am elite but thought I'd take a shot). Turns out the person in charge of it this year is Lynn Kanuka, a former Olympian. She has heard of me through a mutual friend but said at this time they were only offering spots to men who've run in the last 18 months a 2:20 marathon (women 2:40). Needless to say I won't be getting a free spot into the marathon. She did say at the end that if not enough people were selected or qualified she might be able to get me an entry. So I'm leaving it up to fate for the marathon - if I don't get a spot then I won't do the race. If I get one then I will. I'd like to do it just to check out the new course but I won't be ready to run a decent (in my mind) time because of the 100k in Italy two weeks prior.

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