If the miles behind me could be put into words before you, you would feel my efforts, my struggles, my desires. Most of all you would see my joy. Watch me from afar run the trails and hills and miles upon miles and you will see ...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I thought I had written more over the past week or so but it was only that I thought about writing while I was doing stuff but never got around to doing it. To sum things up I've not been running, just sticking to non-impact activities like the eliptical, swimming and biking. I can't stand the water running so haven't been doing that, no matter how good it is for you when injured. The swimming is coming along, I'm up to 15 x 100m on 10 seconds rest. The eliptical is starting to get boring so it's good the race is next week. I'm back to loving the bike. Had two, two hour rides last week when the sun was out and the feelings flood back in as to how much I love pedaling. Even going to work in the dark has been a blast.
I'm not expecting to reach my goal of 7:30 next weekend but I'm going to try anyways. As this could be my last 100k in the near future I want to make the most of it but it's all up to the body at this point. After a few visits to see Colin McKay at Precision Health the shin feels a bit better, as long as I don't run. Advil will be my friend.

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