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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 minutes slower

On Saturday was the Around the Lake 30k out at Cultus Lake. The weather was a 100% turnaround from last year - beautiful sunny skies and warm once we got running. Carrie, my sister Karen, and me headed out early and got there way too early. Had to sit in the car and stay warm until closer to the start. My goal again was to run steady and not be too thrashed by the end of it or in the days afterwards. I could tell on the first climb that I didn't have any trail legs in me. I wanted like last year to go fast on the dirt road at the top of the first steep section and it worked out I was able to. My shin was ever-present every step but it wasn't stopping me from going on. Once I finished and cooled down I could feel it getting worse. I was happy only being two minutes faster with no hill training because last year I had been doing a bunch of hill work to be ready for H2H.
I've been paying for the over-mileage of the last week or so with the shin not very happy. The plan now is to lay off the road and stick to the bike and eliptical. It's close enough to the race I should be semi-healed up and able to go the distance.

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