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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Phantom Run

Last weekend was the Phantom Run at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. The Fam and I thought it would a fun time to volunteer at an aid station. Heather Macdonald is the race director and passed our names on to Lara. She was very nice in letting us operate a family station near the finish line where the 19km and 24km runners would pass by.
The kids have never done anything like this but have seen stations before. Other than the cold toes everything went great and it didn't even rain. I was expecting people to come flying by grabbing cups and flying off again like I see in other races. This was a totally cool experience in that most runners would actually stop and look at our amazing banquet and try to decide what to eat. They'd chat for a minute then carry on. Really low-key and obviously for some they were just interested in finishing.
Oh, it was also a way to get a free entry in the Dirty Duo 25/50km race in March for Carrie and I but it was still a cool experience!!

The finish line:

Our amazing spread:

Super Vollies!!

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