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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Dry Day!

For the first time in recent memory, like three weeks, I got a shot of vitamin D the old fashioned way and not from the bottle in the cupboard. Yes, the sun made an appearance today and I took advantage with a little minimalist run through the trails and on the road. After my two hour bike ride in the downpour a couple days ago this was a welcome break to go out in shorts and relatively warm weather. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind riding in the rain, it's just more fun when it's not. I was waiting at a red light during said bike ride when I heard someone saying something to me from the car on my left. I looked over and an elderly gentleman says to me, "Are you training?", to which I responded, "Naw, just having fun!". He laughed and waved his hand at me like "Oh, man, you is crazy". This was a great little interlude and made for a pleasant ride. It was the first time in a long time it was a windless ride. Even on the way back home when I usually get hammered head-on was great. I don't know whether it's the fact I'm on more than halfway done at this point or knowing I'm getting closer to being warmer and drier but my morale picks up and I have more energy as soon as I turn around and head back.
Anyways, back to today, I slipped on the Fivefingers and headed to the local trail for a 30 minute loop. Then it was off with the protection and time to toughen up. It was actually great because there was a fair bit of mud which made for some soft terrain but also slippery without the traction you get from shoes. After another loop it was out to the road for the longest barefoot run on a hard surface yet - 20 minutes! Whoo-hoo! It felt pretty good and even now have no discomfort or skin problems on the soles. I'll be building up the time spent shoeless over the winter and maybe even do a race of some sort in the spring barefoot. Stay tuned.

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