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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update from Belgium

Just got a call from Darin. He had a good race and is feeling good overall. His time was 7h 50min and came in together with team mate Darren Froese. The only problem is his feet. Once again, the road took its toll and has thrashed his toes. Joy. We were just getting used to his somewhat 'normal' looking feet! No matter though, we are proud of Darin for finishing so strong. Congratulations to all Team Canada members, too!

Now he's going to tour the country and check out some war memorials ... hope he doesn't get sand in his chocolate or chocolate all over the statues!

You can check out all the splits here: IAU News

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lonerunman said...

Congrats on a great run, Darin!! Sub-8 is a fantastic time, good for both you and Darren. I'm proud of having you guys there representing the country (and the rest of the team too :-)