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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Roughly eleven hours until takeoff and as usual I'm still running around getting stuff together. Thankfully everything I need is somewhere in the house, I just have to dig it up.
As far as being ready for a 100k race, this is maybe the best I've felt and most confident of a good time I've ever been. I can't remember when, or if, I've trained only for a 100k race without any triathlons thrown in or done too many races leading up to it. There's been more of a balance for sure this year when it comes to life and running and I feel better for it. Even if the race is a bust I wouldn't change anything leading up to it.
The website for the race is Night of Flanders or at Live Updates from IAU which shows the race course and a bit of info on the event. It starts at 8pm Belgium time which is 11am Friday our time. Hopefully my body will not be adjusted to the time change yet and will think I'm doing a mid-day run. Normally an early morning start in Europe means my body thinks it's midnight so we'll see what happens.
I'll try and post something when I'm there.

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Gary Robbins said...

I think you'll surprise yourself over there Darin. It's amazing how the body responds to less stress. Best of luck dude!