If the miles behind me could be put into words before you, you would feel my efforts, my struggles, my desires. Most of all you would see my joy. Watch me from afar run the trails and hills and miles upon miles and you will see ...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pre Post-Death Race Report

For all my thousands of readers out there (or is that ten or under?) just a quick update to say that the Stormy 50 mile is not on the plan any longer. Suffice to say the Death Race was a workout, and then some, so will need the time to recover then focus fully on Spartathlon in six short weeks. Still don't know how I'm going to get enough miles in for that one, but when has that ever stopped me?!?! Pictures of the D.R. will be on tomorrow and a report shortly. Just hard to do one when I'm so busy working :)

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