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Thursday, August 14, 2008


At the gym last night it was hard not to be motivated. My night entailed an uppper body weight workout (I never do lower body weight lifting, as evidenced by my chicken legs), :45 on the eliptical, :30 in the sauna, :05 in the "hotter" sauna, then a cool down with :05 in the hot tub. While doing the weights the Olympics were on the tv. I paused long enough to watch some heats and some finals. Next, on the eliptical rocking to the Ipod, I was watching the gymnastics and thought to myself what it must take to be that disciplined for four or more years to even get a shot at achieving those goals. I started thinking that if they can do it for years, I can stay disciplined for five weeks!! No more refined sugar, and working on abs, stretching, and weights.
I had totally planned to get ice cream after this night's exercise and it would be "the last time until Greece" (like I've never said THAT before), but watching those athletes, I had a change of heart, or should I say stomach?. I saw how lean they were and decided that they didn't get that ripped by over-eating and downing sweet dairy products. That's it for me. Smaller portions more times a day, no junk.
I might put each day of training on the blog just to keep myself honest with the streching and core work.

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