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Monday, June 2, 2008

Mt. Baker Ride

A cool website I saw on GaryRobbins' blog - mapmyride.com - is what I used to show the ride to (almost) Baker last Friday. Just click on "View Full" and you can zoom in and move it around better. I say "almost" because I only had six hours to ride so went as far as I could for three hours, just making it past Glacier starting the climb towards the summit. It was an out and back taking 6:05 to do and 180km. Next time I'll summit!!


don said...

Hey, that looks like a great ride. I usually drive to Sumas and then cycle to the ski area on Mt Baker. I think that I would also enjoy your route as well. At least then I would not have to fight the traffic driving home on the #1. There always seems to a traffic jam at Surrey Centre.
Thanks for sharing your route.

Gary Robbins said...

Awesome ride man, yer making me feel lazy!! It'd be great to hook up for one of these epics someday!