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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Feel Dirty

I've done something that I never thought I would do. I feel strangely dirty, almost the need to take a shower or go to the confessional. It's something millions of people have done in the past, but it was always a thing I said I didn't want to and wouldn't ever do: I bought a cell phone. We've had one in the past but it was an emergency one only. It was a huge, heavy old boat anchor that worked like a phone and that was it. No camera, texting, internet, mp3, etc.
Now I know most of you are let down by this build up because chances are you own one of these devils. I never had the need to have a communication device stuck to my hip 24 hours a day. If worse came to worst, I would go to a pay phone (which are pretty much obsolete now) or to a gas station and ask to use their phone. OR I would simply ask the first person I saw if I could use THIER cell phone and guess what? 99.9% of the time that person had one.
I don't have a business where suppliers or employees are in need to talk to me RIGHT NOW!! Anyone who needs to get hold of me can leave a message at my home phone and I'd get it eventually. Frankly I don't want to be called anytime anywhere by just anyone. One of my pet peeves is people who drive and talk at the same time. So I leave the parking lot with my new phone and what do I feel the strange urge to do? Call someone while I'm driving!! It's a demon alright.
Now with the kids getting older, it is handy if they need to call me from somewhere and that's an advantage. It's also helpful being semi-lost running on a mountain needed to phone for directions or for help or someone to pick up the kids from school which happened a few weeks ago. Scott Corsie and me were in Chuckanut and headed back kind of late with a big border line-up as the icing on the cake. He had a cell phone (remember the 99.9%?) and I called the kids' school.
Anyways, I now can be reached at all hours day and night so if you think you may need to have that convenience, email me and I'll send you the number. I'll answer, of course, as long as I remembered to take it with me.

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