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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Aldergrove Mud(?) Run

Last Sunday was the 8km Aldergrove Mud Run. In the past years I've done this event it's lived up to it's name but with about ten days of little precipitation, it was a much different run. The trails were dry and the weather perfect. I had planned to do a 24km Diez Vista training race on that day but due to the lingering snow at the higher levels (the story of this winter), it was cancelled. Too bad because I would have liked to see some of that course again before the race. I guess I'll be going up there solo in a few weeks when it clears out.
So I decided to do the Mud Run as it's put on by Peninsula Runners and it looks good to fly the colours when I can. I decided to do it as a three lap run but at a faster pace than a simple training run. Maybe 80% speed or so. I could get used to this "easier" pace and way of thinking when it comes to racing - no stress, no time worries. It's nice. I do need to get my killer instinct back if I want to have some success in the shorter races.
I started out in the middle and let a bunch of people go ahead. After settling in to a pace, I started passing them. Funny how that works. Going out hard is not all it's cracked up to be. I finished the first lap in 33:08, three minutes slower than two years ago but still good for 9th place out of 161. Lisa took my tag from my number and I carried on. I had a few comments from folks as we crossed paths out there. Mostly disbelief that I'd be doing another lap or shouts of encouragement from those who thought I was still racing. Good times.
By the time I finished my third lap the crowds were dispersing after the awards and draw prizes. A solid run (bad memory, forgot the GPS) in 1:45, much easier than a trip through the Diez course but that'll be for another day.

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