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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Cure for Shin Splints

Take a few days off running, walk around in bare feet everywhere I go.

Do a couple :30 in the trail or the beach in Five Fingers or bare feet.

Ride the bike maybe :30-:40 a day, to work and back.

Even though I can still feel pain in the shin, run 13 miles.

Two days later run 25 miles (albeit suffering in the last :30 home)

Voila! I'm cured.

What's the deal? Do I really get a mild case of shin splints or is it something else I wonder? I've read that doing light training through the ordeal helps to speed the healing but this is ridiculous. My three hour jaunt today felt fine on the legs, my poor conditioning really showed, though. Probably took on a bit more than I should have but with a little over two weeks to go I needed to test myself. More next week then a week to taper. Piece of cake.

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Anonymous said...

I got help from a runner when I suffered shin splints just a few hours into a 24 hour race....just the week before I ran a 300km race and suffered shin splints.....the guy cut the toe area from my shoe and tapped my big toe up and back....the tape ran under my big toe and around my ankle. ..it worked and I kept running. it sounds extreme but was ok to to run with