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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Miwok, Stress Fracture, Toothless

Well, that's it in a nutshell. I emailed Tia the race director for Miwok and told her I was out due to injury. Hopefully someone else can take my place from the wait list on short notice. I have to say a big "thanks" to everyone who was so supportive and helpful with advice on my situation and dropping out of the race. Carrie, Ian, Jim, Tracey, Britni, John, Gary, Ferg - it means a lot.
I had my bone scan today with part 1 being showing up at the hospital and getting an injection of some kind of radiation that would help illuminate the fracture. Part 2 was four hours later involving two different scans that were seven minutes each. Lying on my back for the first one, it was inevitable I would fall asleep on the fourteen-inch wide bed. I was woken up for the second one which was done while lying on my side. Even though this was fairly uncomfortable, it only took thirty seconds to zonk out. Could be all the yard work I've been doing on the yard for three days straight, just ask my back. Anyways, I managed to convince the technician to fess up what he saw and it indeed is a stress fracture. Acute. But - he also said it was healing. This would explain why it's been feeling better the last few days walking around. Still hurts to run therefore Ian has me doing a mega week of cycling culminating with a five hour bike at the end of the week. My back is already not looking forward to that.
Yes, I'm still toothless. I have an appointment with a denture guy next Tuesday so he can take a mold of my teeth and fix me a fakey.
This Sunday is the Vancouver Marathon. After actually enjoying my experience at the Sun Run (shin pain notwithstanding), I am actually going to miss racing it this weekend. I've done a race this weekend for the past four years - 2007 I did the marathon, 2006 was the Elk/Beaver 100km, 2005 was the Vancouver Half, 2004 was the marathon again. I would have continued the streak with Miwok but we've already covered that. I miss the self-competition and racing the clock. It's never about placing but trying for a PR. I love having the clock tick by and taking my mile-splits. I can't say I'll never do another one.
More after the crazy cyling week.


Gary Robbins said...

Darin, I'm really sorry to hear that you won't be making it down to Miwok! Best of luck with the healing process, there might a bike race somewhere this weekend if you look hard enough and are willing to drive, haha!!


Gary Robbins said...

Darin, really sorry to hear that you won't be able to join us at Miwok this weekend! Best of luck with the healing process...there's probably a bike race happening somewhere this weekend if you really wanted to keep your streak alive, lol!!