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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Appointments and Updates

So on a crazy Wednesday last week I had my massage appointment at 9:45, doctor at 10:45, and dentist at 12:00. Of course I did all this knowing how late my doctor always is I arrived at 10:50 and waited until 11:20 to actually get in to see him (hence the brilliance in booking my dentist, a five minute drive away, at noon, and not earlier).

Massage was good, lower back extrememly tight from working on deck - ongoing.

Doc is concerned I have LVH (Left Ventricular Hypertrophy - google it. It's too hard to explain other than the left ventricle of the heart gets enlarged from "excessive exercise" (is that what I do?), restricting blood flow to the aorta, potentially causing chest pain, heart disease and the like. He said the ECG was abnormal so is setting up an appointment to see a cardiologist for an ultrasound to measure the wall thickness of the left ventricle to see if there could be problems. As it's not an emergency, it'll be a couple months until I get in so don't hold your breath waiting for an update.

Dentist took x-rays of the loose tooth from Diez and found it to be fractured and in need of replacement. I had forgotten it was the same tooth as about ten years ago that had a root canal becuase I smashed it before. The x-ray showed that it was mostly filling and resembled a hollow tree, not very strong. His suggestion was to see a specialist (cha-ching$$$) to see what they suggest but assumes that they'll go with what's called an implant (no silicone involved) where they screw into the bone and put a crown on the screw. I'm thinking a gold crown would look killer right in the front. I guess an alternative would be a denture but they think the denture wouldn't be very stable because of it's size and location. They are, however, covered by the dental plan. Seeing as the implants aren't normally covered, I asked the receptionist how much they usually run. "Usually", she says they cost a couple thousand dollars. I'm thinking a gap in my teeth is cheaper with better conversation possibilities. I need to make a call to my benefits lady at work tomorrow to have a better idea of how to tackle this one. Next time you see me I could be sportin' a gold tooth with a diamond in the middle or no tooth at all.


don said...

The mouth bling would be very cool, totally ganstah like. No tooth could also be very handy on your long runs. Think about it. You could just feed the tube from your hydration pack right through the gap in your teeth. Sweet!

Christian notChristian said...

A good friend of mine had an implant done earlier this year. "They drill and drill, then they hammer the post into your jawbone" I remember him telling me. Perhaps the gap might prove less of a problem then the nightmares after that kind of treatment. Good luck!