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Monday, September 3, 2007

Ultraman 2007

Tracey & I crewed this year for John Brooks, Manager of USA Today. Here are some pictures of our 2 days with him. Report to follow soon ...

Ultraman 2007

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John Brooks said...

Darin, Thank you so much for crewing for me at Ultraman Canada.

While I have the passion, there’s no doubt I don’t have your inner talent. I’ll never forget forging up the last hill on the bike of day one, passing the crew van, and hearing you say “I’m proud of you.” That meant more to me than finishing the race.

There is no doubt I would have DNF’d one day one without your experience and take-charge attitude. I caused my own dilemma by taking to much Advil, which diverted water to flush it out of my system causing severe leg cramps.

You saved me again on Day 2 with your technical skills fixing a spare wheel, which was later needed after a blow out on The Wall.

Darin, you pushed me to my limits, which was my personal goal, when you pulled up to me on at mile 140 and said “ok, I need you to pick up the pace a bit.” I almost imploded but you seemed to know I had just a little bit left in reserve.

Tracey was my sunshine for the day. Her enthusiasm, leg rubs, sense of humor made me sad when each day ended. She made the day so easy!

I hope to see you back in UMC next year. I’d love to race with you or crew for you. :)

Friends for life! John