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Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall is Here

Last week I did my first long training run in the dark since probably February. It took me right back to that time last winter.
I left at around 8:20 and meant to be back by 10:00 to watch Rescue Me (can’t help it you know). Took my headlight and reflective stuff and wasn’t really dressed for what I found out was the cold. Did not realise it was so chilly already at this time of the night. I guess due to the fact I ran mostly in the day during the summer to try and get ready for the Penticton heat (totally not necessary this year), I hadn’t been in the dark for quite a while. I could even see my breath in the beam of my light. Maybe it was my brain being cold and not able to function properly, or just my body feeling like I didn’t want to run much further, but I for some reason thought if I ran out 40 minutes and back 40 minutes then it would land me right back home at 10 pm. Of course I had 1 hour and 40 minutes to run and should have run out 50 and back 50 so when I got home and the clock only said 9:40 I knew I screwed up. Not a bad thing because the knees were feeling like I’d run three hours.
Although it is much nicer running in the light and the warmth of an evening in the summer, the fall/winter has it’s own allures. I like the winter training as it reminds me of when I first started training for my first marathon while still living in Cloverdale. The kids were still very young and I was not able to get out during the day so had to go out once they were in bed. It was damn cold those days and sometimes I’m surprised that I kept it up. I love the smell of the cold air. I’m no voyeur but I love running past people’s houses and seeing their homes all lit up and looking cozy inside as they go through their evening routines.

I also love how obvious it is that my headlamp throws off invisible light the way some cars seem to not notice me even though my light surely must be blinding them. I have it angled so it can’t hit them anywhere but square in the windshield. Usually if I’m driving at night and I see a red or white solid or blinking light on the side of the road, I may not know exactly what it is, be it runner or walker or cyclist, but I know enough to give it some room. Believe me I’ve tried every variation my headlamp has to offer in terms of red or white light, blinking or just solid. Nothing works on a consistent basis, or it could be that most drivers don’t give a @#%! about runners/cyclists in general. These are the drivers whose mirrors graze your shoulder if you’re not paying attention, night or day.

I’m renewed with my running and am excited about moving in the dark again.

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