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Monday, August 13, 2007

Two Weeks Less One Day

Okay, so I know you're supposed to be feeling good about now being 14 days before the race happens, and by good I mean speedy and fresh. Well, I don't know how I do, but I do. Ten days was my last long run of 2:23 or just shy of 20 miles and it happened to be a decently hot day. Loaded with three bottles I drove out to 0 ave and did A LOT of climbing and descending, probably the most in any training run. I tried to hold 7:00 min/mile but had to settle for 7:12 when all was said and done. Was still happy with that as I felt pretty strong. There was a bit of a breeze most of the time but there was definitely no shade, just like Ironman will be.
More examples of feeling good were my two bricks last week, one being out to Tsawassen ferries and back, 85km in 2:25, averaging almost 37km/h. I know, I know, it's pretty flat. I broke it into 50 min easy, 50 min IM pace, and 50 min as fast as I could. I got home and did a one hour run with 20 min @ 7:00, 20 min @ 6:30 and 20 min @ 6:00 mini/mi. I was trashed at the end but felt awesome. My next brick was a three hour bike with a 45 minute run where I felt great on the bike but a little sluggish running; could have been it was only two days after the other workout.
Today was my last long run being one hour to work. I don't know whether it was the music or a good night's sleep but I powered there and totally felt I could go further and faster, just the way you're supposed to right now. This week will see another 2:30/:45 and 1:30/:30 brick and some shorter, speedier runs. Oh, yeah, and I will throw in some swimming there, too (sorry Tracey).
All this being done on NOT cutting back on my chocolate and ice cream cravings. I did actually go cold turkey for about a week but what can you do at work when someone brings it in? You have to be part of the team, right? So now I will but cutting back but not totally. For some reason I do just as well if not better when I'm on the sugar high. An update on how I'm feeling will be written in a few days.

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