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Friday, June 22, 2007

Good Wishes to Ian

My good English mate, Ian (of Ultraman's Canada and Hawaii '05 fame), is embarking on an epic ride of massive proportions. On June 22nd he and about 40 other riders will attempt to cover 540km and 13,650m (yes, that's metres or roughly 45,000 feet) of elevation in the 32 allowable hours. The Race Across The Alps covers ground through Italy, Switzerland, and Austria over some mountains that are used in the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de Suisse.
It's amazing to even attempt such feat but with Ian he has been working extremely hard at school and has had very little time to train. A month ago he attempted the Raid Provence Extreme (needs to be translated). It involved a distance of 666km with 9000m of elevation. This one he couldn't achieve a checkpoint time due to a crash which resulted in a probable broken rib.
All I can say is that this guy has guts and to try this race elevates him to celebrity status in my book. Good Luck Ian!!

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