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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yeah I know it's been a while since I've written anything, loyal fans. I know I still haven't posted photos of Comrades. I have to transfer them from the laptop to a memory stick then transfer them to the computer in order to do all that. I know it should be easy but I'm in the dark ages somewhat with all that stuff and need my IT person (Carrie) to do it for me. In brief:
We did two days of biking on the KVR last weekend which was really cool. Pictures and comments to follow (really).
We're off to Death Valley this weekend to help crew Barb Owen to the finish (if Carrie and I don't pass out from the heat first). I feel lacking in the heat training but Barb assures me it should be cooler this year than most. Average temp is 126F and she says they're forecasting 113-116F. Thank goodness!!
Good luck to Bruce Grant who was second on the waiting list for Hardrock this weekend but just found out that he made it in.
Good luck to all the Canadians doing the World Trail Championships in Ireland this weekend as well.

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Jacquie B said...

Good luck to Barb and all her crew. I think she's going to have an awesome race!