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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Diez, Fatigue, and Flights

If you look up "Diez Vista" in the dictionary it reads, "Steep, difficult, borne from the depths of hell, exhausting, occasional scenic viewpoints depending on the weather". It may be all these but I still really like doing this event. It's got elevation (8,000' worth), great views of Indian Arm, gnarly and hair-raising descents, great aid stations, fabulous volunteers, and race directors extraordinaire.
I was meaning to post my goals before the race but never got around to it. What I would have said was how it was going to be a training run (yes I know I've said that many times before, but this time, as the others, I meant it). I thought about breaking 4:30 but didn't think it would happen, so I changed the time goal to 5 hours. Even though I was 9 minutes over my goal, partly due to the extra elevation added to skirt some flooded trails (thanks BC Hydro!), I felt overall that it was a successful training run. No falls, bruises, extreme emotionally low periods, and when I finished, my legs felt the least destroyed they've ever felt after an ultra. I'm hoping that that means either I went slow enough to fulfill my goal of not racing, or that I'm in super-awesome shape leading up to Comrades. The fact that I fatigued myself the week before Diez as well cemented in my head the fact I wouldn't be as fast as if I'd tapered. Tuesday before the race was a two and a half hour mountain bike ride with some guys from work, Wednesday was an hour run, Thursday was a 2 hour hard road ride, and Friday was a 2 hour run along the hilly part of 0 ave - 16 miles. The couple days after the run were positive for me because I actually felt like I could have run again but knew it would be better to rest my normal three days afterwards.
An hour and a half on the bike yesterday and a 3 hour trail run today has me back on track, although still a bit tired. A 4 hour run tomorrow should make me forget all that.
Got my flight to SA today. Leaving on May 23rd arriving on the 25th. Coming home on the 2nd of June. Gone to the next level of excitement!!

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