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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barefoot Bliss

I went for my fifth or sixth barefoot run on the beach yesterday. Normally I go to White Rock but stayed closer to home due to time and the fact that the tide was really low it didn't matter. White Rock has better sand, with fewer shells but I have to drive there and you have to pay for parking (cheap firefighter, you know). Sometimes it's low enough to do a decent one there but at Crescent Beach at the same time the tide is still too high. I did my standard thirty minutes, not wanting to overdo it so the muscles can get used to the softer surface unsupported. It was the first time I wore my music during a beach run and it was pretty cool. There was a harsh wind blowing north so at the start I could barely hear the music but after turning around I was flying with the tailwind. I thought as I was running that it would suck to step on a shell or other sharp sea object and cut one of my feet and hence jeopardizing the Miwok run. Then I thought I could use it as an excuse if (when) I have a crappy race. I decided to stay the course and avoid all crustaceans. I'm looking forward to the delivery of my Vibram Fivefingers I bought on Ebay to prevent some of small nicks and cuts. More so I want to eventually be able to run on the roads in these things. The long term plan is to get used to them on the beach then progress to the trails or grassy fields and finally do some shorter road runs.

When I finished I drove to get some fruit and veggies at a local place. I went in barefoot with no weird looks and no comments. I was wondering what I'd do if someone questioned choice of footwear or lack thereof and asked me to leave. What would be the grounds? How is it different from people with flip flops? I couldn't think of anything. I left, walked back to the van, put my sandals back on (not safe to drive barefoot) and went home. Next adventure: walking barefoot with the kids to school.

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