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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Streak Ends!!

Two days ago, exactly 116 days after Ironman Canada, I got on my bike and rode! I couldn't believe it had been almost a third of a year since I'd been on it. I have been wanting to ride but there never seemed to be enough time. I wonder how I even trained for triathlon all those years.
After taking a necessary twenty minutes just to get dressed for the 1 degree weather, including five layers on my torso (poly undershirt, thermal shirt, long sleeve tech shirt, winter riding vest, rain jacket for the wind chill), leg warmers, neoprene booties, heavy gloves, and touque, I set out. I could just as easily have gone skiing as riding. My computer's odometer still read 182 km from Ironman (the extra two k's from walking it back to the motel, to the car, from the car to our house and there it sat).
I set out down Marine Drive along the ocean which was beautiful even under an overcast and snow-threatening day. The downhill to the beach was heaven, the hills leading out and away were not. Climbing out of the saddle was actually not as bad as I thought it would be, maybe all this running does cross over to the bike at times. In the end I arrived back home with the usual frozen toes but that was the only complaint, other than my butt ain't gonna speak to me for a while. You never forget how to ride a bike but some parts of me wish I had.
A grand total of one hour, twelve minutes, thirty-two kilometers, with a twenty-five km average speed. Perfect winter speeds, and now that it's officially winter, I might even go tomorrow!!!

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