If the miles behind me could be put into words before you, you would feel my efforts, my struggles, my desires. Most of all you would see my joy. Watch me from afar run the trails and hills and miles upon miles and you will see ...

Friday, November 23, 2007

It has to be a record for me losing a nail. Not even three weeks since Haney to Harrison and it fell off already!!  I helped it along this time but it feels like a new toe.  I know last time it was months before it finally came off.  Maybe it has memory from the last time it happened.  I've been through the trails and on the road with no discomfort or pain.  She's as good as new.  

I was worried this would have an effect on the Huntsville race on the 8th of December but I think it will be fine now.  A load off my mind.  Thirteen days 'til the race!!

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! That photo should be on CSI. John B.